Tuna and SkyFlakes Nuggets

Have you watched the video circulated over the social media about the making of tuna and SkyFlakes nuggets? It terribly amazed me how far these goods have been. So, I made my first try just this morning and I want to brag it to you guys! lol!

It's so timing since I have plenty of time to do this, no need to rush mga friends. :) It's a yummy thing good for snacks or for ulam.

What are the ingredients? The count of ingredients is up to you or depends kung ilan ang taong nag-aantay ng luto mo (peace). For my version, here are the ingredients:

2 packs of SkyFlakes
1 egg
1 can of Century Tuna flakes in oil (180 grams)
flour (measure depends on its stickiness)

Slice the onion, crush the SkyFlakes into small pieces. Mix all the ingredients and observe its stickiness if need to add more flour. You can form it according to your preference before frying it.

I chose the Real Mayonaise as my dipping sauce with salt and pepper as an additional taste. I am proud of my finish product. I really love it.

TIP:  You can use other dipping sauce like hot and spicy if you want to add more exciting bites.

Enjoy cooking friends!


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